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    Viral Video up top.
    Overwhelming amount of Proof
    $1 trial
    Free Fidget Spinner delivered anywhere in the world.

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    Conversions to $1 trial are through the roof.
    Conversions from $1 trial to full membership @ 90%

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Beta Launch Information:

Email Swipes

Crushing Local SEO just got Easier, see proof inside. [Video]
Another Must Have Local SEO Tool.
Yay It’s LIVE Pete’s new WPCreator Software is Here
NEW – 3rd In Pete’s SEO Software Series for $1, Results will blow you away.
Targeting Local SEO has never been easier, New Software $1.


Hey Everyone,

I know everyone’s been eagerly waiting for this!

The 3rd software in Peter Drews extremely powerful Local SEO Series is now in Beta release.

His first was the Google Site Generator.
Then he followed that up with his Mass Blog creator.
And now…


His latest and greatest


To date we are sending tons of powerful links to our own websites while ranking our Google Properties..

Now we’ve added MORE social signals into the mix.

Check out Petes latest video where he shows you why WordPress Blogs rank so strong in Google by adding these extra social signals

Video Here

to your own website will help it greatly in terms of ranking itself.

See this case study where he targets the most expensive Top suburbs in Brisbane in the SEO Niche, so If he can do it in the most competitive markets, imagine what you can do in your markets.

I say the most competitive niche, because the sites he’s competing against are created by the people paid to rank the websites in your market, these are the best of the best in terms of Ranking in Google, and with Petes software, he’s beating them easily by investing only a few minutes of his time.

In this video you’ll see how many top Page 1 rankings he achieved. Many No1’s using only minutes of his time as you’ll see..

He shows you why wordpress.com ranks so well in Google. Then runs the software and shows the results.

With some nice SEO Tips and Tricks in there also.




It’s fun watching the amount of automation going on here.
You’ll have fun watching these WP blogs created and then appear in Google.
We love doing this as I know you guys do too 🙂

Create Unlimited Highly Ranking WordPress Blogs 100% Automated.
Unlimited 100% SEO Optimized WordPress Blogs $1
Create Highly Ranking WordPress Blogs in Minutes, just supply basic content.
Create Unlimited Professional WP Blogs that Rank Hard $1.


Hey again,

The level of automation applied to this new WordPress Blog Creator Software is to the Moon!

Pete automated the entire process, creating new email addresses used to create the new WordPress blogs on WordPress.com

[Never need to buy/create email address’s again]

You supply:

* The List of Keywords you’d like to rank for.

* An aritcle related to your product or service

* Address of the business you are promoting, or location where you’d like to get ranked.

* One or MORE YouTube Video URL’s. The software embeds your video in the blog, with your article content wrapped around it. Really highlighting the product or service you are promoting.

* Image content. Select a folder with one or more images in it. If more than one, the software will randomly choose one of the images in this folder so you can create unlimited “Unique” Blogs from one original project.

* Links to sites you want/need more social signals from.

The Software does everything, including getting your content to Rank In Google

A New Customer posted a Testimonial “15” minutes after ordering the software. With results “Already” Ranking P1 Google. Check it out here.

Watch the sales video to see why we get these awesome rankings right out of the Box using WordPress.com It just makes sense.

Now you can leverage the power of WordPress, easily, professionally.

This ones a No Brainer, especially for $1.

Jump on board here

btw this is the fastest selling new software Pete has released in a while.



Devour First page of Google with WpCreator for $1.
One SEO Project = Multiple First Page listings.


The only thing better than a “First Page” Listing in Google is taking over the “Entire” First Page.

Well not all front page from just one project, but from one simple project, because of the way Pete has designed the SEO Optimization in these WordPress blogs, with their already highly seo optimised blogs, we get multiple first page listings from just one project.

Remember the only time invested is in actually “Creating” the project and that only takes minutes to setup.

But once your project is created, you can start the software again and use the same project details you entrered previously and “REPEAT” the project and create another set of Unique blogs, which will rank just above or just below your previous rankings.

What this achieves, by repeating projects is pushing more of your competition over to the second page.

Why wouldn’t you, it only takes a sec to start the software, then select the previous project you created, a couple more clicks of the next button, and the software is off on its own creating tons more beautiful looking blogs for you.


If you are already ranking on page one like most of Petes customers using his Google Site Generator or Mass Blog creator, you can use that exact same content you supplied to create those projects, copy it into WPCreator and BOOM tons more First page rankings. It really doesn’t get any easier than this to completely dominaite first page listings.

The beauty of this strategy is that you can completely Dominate the first page of google using his Software tools and no one will be the wiser, e.g. they will not look like spammy listings, because the first page will be covered by many different entities.

You can see these results from a new customer already on the sales thread. First response is a new customer
already crushing first page google 15 mins after purchasing. 🙂

Test it here for a measely one Buck to get similar results yourself



P.S. They way we’ve optimized these WP blogs and posts created, means from one run you can/will get multiple first page listings. It’s a thing of beauty.

Blow your Potential SEO Clients away.
Securing New SEO Clients has never been easier.


If you’re reading this email, you may have had success using one of Petes SEO softwares.

You might have already used one of his other Softwares to hit No1 in Google.

Well if you did you can now use that exact same content you used in either

Hangout Millionaire
Google Site Generator
Mass Blog creator.

in his NEW WordPress Software..

As seen in the Video here and the overwhelming amount of Proof

And when you do, you will Achieve the same or higher rankings, but more importantly,  you’ll be taking over more of the first page of google.

You already have the:
* Keyword phrase list.
* Article content
* YouTube URL’s
* Address to promote.

Copy and paste all this into the new WpCreator software and BOOM! Dominating even MORE of the FIRST page Google.

When you talk to a client on the phone, ask them to enter one of your terms in Google and then say,
See No1 listing, that’s mine, they’ll be impressed.

Then REVEAL, ALL these First Page listings are mine.

The Website, Google sites, Blogger Blogs and WordPress blogs.

If you want to Mess with Your Competition :),

I’m your Go To Guy. We can do exactly this for you!


Never will this potential SEO client have seen an entire first page taken over by different entities like this.

And remember to achieve that first page complete domination takes only minutes of your time, the software does all the heavy lifting. You just start it and it does the rest.

How cool is that 🙂

Obviously you make out how much time it takes to achieve all those results, so you can bill accordingly, little do they know you achieved this using only minutes of your time 🙂

This is exactly what people are doing right now.

Is it your turn yet?




Video Marketers *et Dream, Hit those Unatainable First Page listings.


Hey again,

You’re going to love this.

Sick of creating/buying Google Accounts?
Sick of using services like Twillio?

Sick of NOT hitting First page using your videos?

But LOVE easy Ranking and Targeting first page Google?

Petes New WPCreator Software is released..

No longer do you need to worry if you’ll hit page 1.
No longer do you need to worry about getting Google accounts closed.

Petes software creates it’s own email address to use with one of the most powerful Websites on the Internet, WordPress.com

These blogs rank right out of the box and especially well with the SEO Optimization the software employs to rank for your terms you enter in the software.

Too Easy..

You already know those terms you cannot get videos on.
You can use Petes WPCreator Software and Google doesn’t decide whether it wants it on there or not like videos.

Not to mention, these WP blogs send extremely powerful Social signals to the websites/videos you want to rank higher.

Once Google see’s these nice social signals pointing to your content, it’s thinking, people are blogging about this stuff so it must be cool and we’ll expose this cool stuff to more People.

Not to mention the volume you can create easily of powerful links (that also rank) once you’ve set up your project.

You can choose the “Repeat” Feature and fire up the software click next a couple of times and BOOM! a completely NEW Set of links created and Rankings in Google, dominating even more of the first page of Google.

Test this amazing kit here for just 1 Buck

See one of the first posts in this thread, from a brand new customer who is ranking P1 Google in just 15 mins after purchasing WpCreator I don’t even know who this person is, but I like him!!



What Others are achieving with WpCreator Software in Google.


Ok, Lets get Right into it,

You can see these unrequested testimonials right on the sales page, you can ask these customers their experiences with the software right in the forum.

* Posted by lanre
Hey Pete, just want to thank you for these awesome tools that totally rock.

I used your tools for a client (that I was recently hired to manage their online marketing) and we have taken over page 1 and 50% of page 2 for various keywords. They are impressed with the results. Now that you have added the WP creator things can only get better.
Thanks from Jamaica mon!

* Posted by boblelle
I purchased and configured my first build within 15 minutes for 1 keyword in 5 local cities. I started the process and it was done in less than 10 minutes.

I submitted all urls to Google and they all were indexed immediately.

Results in 5 minutes:

City #1 – ranked p1-3 right under 2 results from Yelp
City #2 – ranked p1-4 right under 3 results from Yelp
City #3 – ranked p1-3 right under 2 results from Yelp
City #4 – ranked p1-8 under a number of Yelp, home advisor and others (largest of the 5 cities – 200K pop.)
City #5 – ranked p2-4 interesting thing is that this was the smallest city (36K pop.)

So, in a nutshell, this works brilliantly!
UPDATE: City #5 after 30 minutes is p1-2 right uder Yelp.

* Posted by Scott82
Hi Pete,
I’ve been using your software since the Brute Force Evo Days when I first starterd online marketing. This seems like another winner! I ran a campaign and already have several pages ranking on the first page of Google for a local business that charges 1000’s of dollars per job. This is just from the first run!

You too can get results exactly like these customers are getting

For a measly 1 dollar 🙂

Jump in Quick before the price goes up once we get out of beta. Beta testers are grandfathered, staying in original purchase price.




P.S. Existing users are already coming up with some really nice idea’s to help improve this software
even more. Pete would love to hear your feedback too.

WpCreator is Crushing it, Price going up very soon.



Hey again 🙂

This has been the best selling software in Petes new series, People are loving it, why? I don’t know, they are all brilliant, I guess its the Price!

Well this price isn’t lasting much longer I can assure you.

This is a special “Petes Buddies” Promotion.

So Pete is letting just a few of his buddies offer it to their loyal customers at this special price.

But this special Promo is going to close very shortly THEN GOING UP

Get it at “Petes Buddies” Price Now

The absolute Best thing about this software is you do not need anything else apart from your own content.
No google accounts, no emails. The software Creates everything it needs to successfully create highly SEO Optimized Original WordPress Posts that Rank!

People are hitting page 1 in just 15 mins after ordering the WpCreator as seen here

(I quoted those responses on the first message under the sales post.)




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