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    Viral Video up top.
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    It’s simple, email the 4 proven copy emails supplied
    Conversions to $1 trial are through the roof.
    Conversions from $1 trial to full membership @ 90%

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Beta Launch Information:

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Email Swipes

New SEO Software – Like to be the King of Local SEO?


Hey Everyone!

We are back with a new incredible software, that leverages the power of Google sites. e.g. Sites.Google.com that utilises HTTPS.

Googles recent addition of giving huge Preference in their index to sites using HTTPS means that the Google sites we are generating based off your list of keywords.

Crushes those local sites that have not implimented HTTPS yet.
And from what we’ve seen over the last few months, not one of our competitors even in the SEO niche are using HTTPS.

See Ranking Proof Here


So the sites we are generating using sites.google.com are ranking amazingly well.

This NEW SEO software is very simple to use, just add:
Article content (we have an auto spinner in the software now as well)
Youtube URL’s
We use Google maps in our templates.
HTML to display on your new google sites.

Then the software does the rest. It goes out and creates Laser Targeted
Unique Seo Sites on Google based on the keywords you entered in the software.

So the software is at Beta test stage, meaning
This is a massive ground floor opportunity to get in before the masses start flooding Local SEO markets. Plus you get the opportunity to speak to Peter Drew directly and offer improvement suggestions if you have any to make it even better.


Pete’s hosting the discussion on a brand new Forum, meaning you don’t get stuck in Facebook Groups and all the information / tutorials and documents
are easy to find at a Glance.

This way we’ll never loose information again and will make for a much better user experience for all our beta testers and software members.

So please register at this new forum after you’ve ordered the software. Then you’ll see the beta testing forum.
Click in there to see more about this amazing new software we are about to release to our awesome beta testers.

Check out The Video demo to see how fast it creates these highly ranking Google Sites





Pete’s New SEO Google Site Generator is LIVE – Join Us :-)?


So I can tell you, we are pretty overwhelmed at the response from the previous email about the New Google Site Generator Software.

So far we’ve had nearly 1500 people register at the new forum and 12 pages of excited responses about our new Google Site Generator Software created to just crush it in Local SEO.

Due to this overwhelming response, I’ve released this software ASAP because people want it so badly.

Its LIVE now you can get it here

Make sure you watch the video on that page first.

This is really just the beginning for this software, with your help we’ll introduce tons of improvements over the next weeks/months etc. Till we get it as
good as we can.


I’ll see you over at the new forum.
btw if you see a great post over there, give that person a REP 🙂

Turns out the new forum has a TON of SEO Pro’s in there.
Its a great networking platform.

Join Us here



Amazing updates to the Site Generator Software. Last Call.Sniper…


This software is coming along so nicely, you can now create your OWN HTML Templates in the software to produce your “own” unique custom templates to create whatever design you like. Or leave it and use the default Google

Plus the software pops up your own PDF File containing links to all the Google sites you just created, for your records plus you can upload this to drive.google.com and other document sharing websites to get tons of tiered
links back to the main website you are promoting and raise the rankings even higher, allowing you to jump into more competitive niches.

See the Video Here.

Plus Pete’s added a “Repeat Project” button, so it takes less than 2 mins of your time to run a complete project again and fill out the front page of google with your new Unique Google Sites, pushing your competition over to the 2nd page. for Extreme CTR from the SERPS.

Pete’s not sure how many other members he can take, espeically for just $1.

He’s closing the $1 trial tomorrow so Jump in Now.


He’s scared there’ll be too many people flooding the Google index in the local market and wants to ensure longevity for this product, so I highly recommend you jump in now and test it for just $1 before this offer closes.



Dominate entire Regions Easily using Pete’s Site Gen Software.


That’s right

Pick a state.
Pick a highly Paying Niche.
Choose some keyword phrases in that niche

And completely dominate all of google for each of those towns/suburbs in that start for your niche.

It’s entirely doable and being done right now with this incredibly simple to use SEO Google Site Generator Software.

Best news is you can test this right now and risk only a Single $1.

Imagine this.

High Paying term that people are paying 3 to 400 in Adwords for, and completely dominating the Local SEO and I mean Dominate. Pushing 1/2 of the first page results over to the second page and your pages taking up the top 1/2 of the results?

Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t.
See Proof right here.

Then once you’ve dominated that entire state you can then move on easily to the next one, once you’ve got proven results.

Peter Drew has been dominating Automated SEO Software since 2006
He know’s how to create software with the end goal being Scale.

There’s no better feeling than seeing the top 1/2 of first page of google with nothing but sites you own, possibly leasing out to business’s who need the leads.

Check it out here, tons of proof and see how fast the software works

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We are here to help you anytime if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. As much as we love to help our customers, we also love to reciprocate and help our affiliates.

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